Wtf is Garage Stalk3r?

Garage Stalk3r kinda happened by accident.  Well it wasn’t entirely accidental, but it quickly got much bigger than ever expected.

This is how it happened from an outsiders perspective.

I know Stalk3r really well (being his other half and all) and for as long as I’ve known him he’s been passionate about two things cars, and helping people.   I guess this was a natural evolution for him.

He’s always being pulling things apart to see how they work then putting them back together, then pulling them apart again to make them better.  I’ve seen him do it on his cars, my car, mates cars (and every single piece of mechanical or electronic shit he’s gotten his hands on).

And the more he did the more he knew and the more people who started turning up in his workshop asking his advice.  (usually with offerings of Red Bull and Pall Mall Menthols to keep the grumpy cunt from calling them names when they asked silly questions).  Then they started buying his old car parts which escalated into people asking him to find them new performance car parts.

And he loved it and they loved it.  And of course there was the obligatory BBQs, membership in a car club, cruises and gay jokes.

But the more he learned and knew the more frustrated he became.  If its one thing Aaron can’t tolerate it’s a moron.  And the car clubs and internet are full of them.  Guys using google and youtube instead of their brains and advising others to do the same.

People were getting ripped off with parts prices, knock offs, flat out dangerous advice.  People were buying performance parts who didn’t know how to install them.  So they’d take it to a mechanic who’d either do a half arse job or charge them the earth because they didn’t know better.  Sometimes the mechanic would never even get to their car.

And the car clubs were worse.  It was no longer about enthusiasm for cars, it was about what car you had and how much you had spent on it.  And god forbid you didn’t have the right type of car.  Infected with car thieves and guys that just wanted to do burn outs and go to the illegal drags.

Which just made him more determined to help.  So he decided to take it to the next step.  He thought he could give people the help they needed, with decent advice, and for really cheap pricing (hey, he’s got to pay for smokes and Red Bull somehow).

And the more people he helped the more they hung around, and eventually they managed to convince him to make his own car club.  Completely free membership, but by authorisation only, to keep the morons out.  Somewhere they could feel safe about what car they had, know that the advice and information was going to be good, and didn’t have to put up with the political bollocks that has infected so many other places.

So what is GarageStalk3r? It’s a group of guys who are enthusiastic about their cars, who like to take the piss and of course where you can get really high quality work done on your car, for a cheap price and the knowledge you aren’t getting ripped off or an unsafe install.  With a tight knit community of friends, and all the antics that goes with it, leaves Garage Stalk3r with not just being a business, but a community.

-Stalk3d (Jen)