More RC Shells

Dave one of our newer GS members got his hands on an older Tamiya TT01 and asked me to paint him up a Toyota Corolla (lol) AE86 body shell, i had free license on colouring as long as i kept with normal body styling, so i chose a Red and black colour theme, the first dust cost is a pearlescent translucent red that will add a real deep candy colour flick in sunlightso the next colour was a custom mix i made up specially for it, its a deep metallic red with a few other colours mixed in to make it just righthere it is a couple of coats into the spray (theres 8 coats total)Here it is after the last coat with and without light, im pretty damned happy with how its come out, it looks greatWhile i was in the painting mood i painted up a silver R34 GTR skyline shell for one of the other GS members, sadly i didnt get any pics of it completely finished but here it is after the last coat of paint

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