James’ Australian Care Parcel


so as some of you may remember the RC cars and shells and so on being done for James over in Aussie, well theyre done finally so it came time to ship them off to him, i figured id make it as hilariously awesome and stupid as possible, so i managed to find an aluminium case that would suitthis of course needs to be customized to fit everything so out came the dividers in the centre and in went a chassis for measuringside supports were made and one of the dividers cut down to make a shelf of sortsand this way we can get a second chassis into the same casewith that done its time to finish up the cars, not so many words on this one just lots of pics, The Supra ready to be shipped off (I very much like the colour change Hello Kitty logos)

Heres the GT86 all ready to go with working lights etcPretty happy with how that shell turned out, James loves it so all is well, so does my boss, Borris. Here he is coming to inspect my work (before anyone asks, his eyes get cleaned every couple of days, after he’d finished cleaning himself i took him inside for “mum” to clean them, dirty little bastard)apparently he was appeased as he wandered off to clean himself

also in his care parcel was a new GS Made battery bracket for his 86, it was anodized to suit the colour scheme of his carĀ 

Sadly i appear to have misplaced about a dozen phoitos of other bits and pieces sent over at the same time so this lot will have to suffice.

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