Jakkehs MR2 Brake upgrade

Jakkeh brought me his MR2 to have its brakes upgraded, he had purchased a kit that made a bunch of bigger parts “Bolt On” as per usual with these kind of claims i was apprehensive to say the least but for now i digress, in it reversed into my workshop (coz i hear thats the only way mr2′s can drive, backwards…..and into trees)rear wheels first, the old brakes are small and tired. This kit keeps the factory calipers but moves them outwards using a horrible horrible bracket that does “just bolt on” but i knew that would be the case as those words rarely work together.

Anyway moving along, Out with the old calipers and pesky heat shieldsAnd In with the newas you can see there’s quite a sizable difference between the 2, heres a couple of pictures with them all installed and done, youll notice there is very very little clearance between the wheel and the caliper, there is much less than this on the frontNow on to the fronts, heres the standard setupsadly i didnt take a whole bunch of pictures of the replacement discs, but theyre big, a lot more difference than the rears were, a couple of pictures now of what i had to do to the once Nissan calipers to get them to fitand heres a few pictures of them under the wheels, its tight, so much so a small piece of rock got in there after this job and gouged the wheel. sadly i didnt get an end of job shot of the wheel over the disc, but there is very very little room to moveThese will be coming off again some time in the near future to be machined up nicely and to sandblast and paint, should come up good.

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