GS Workshop Changes

So as works increase and as requests for stuff to be made follow, more tools, bigger versions of existing tools and more storage are constantly evolving in GS, So here goes with the updates.

About a year ago i got this bad boy, a mill and lathe All-In-One it did both jobs “ok” but neither of them “Good” a good hobbyist toy (which to be fair was all i wanted it for originally anyway) but not so good for mass production and super fine tolerancesSo out it went to make way for its replacementAnd heres its replacement (no not the ute, the box inside)as you can probably figure out I’ve gone to 2 separate units, so this box is a stand alone lathe, its about twice the size of the last one and has all sorts of fancy functions, here it is all sort up and ready to goafter the lathe i did a massive shuffle around of the workshop and got rid of one of my big ugly cabinets that wasnt effectively using my space, this however meant i needed somewhere to keep stuff easily accessible but still tidy, roll on the paint cabinet. I’ll put a door on it one day when i give a crap, today is not that dayAlso incoming was a new tool storage system, for a few years now id been unising 2 full size teng roll cabs and a half size generic brand, this was starting to annoy me going between 2 cabinets so out with the old and in with the…Huge?It finally fits all my tools in one place, all organised and labelled to make for ease of use, youll also notice compared to older pictures the left hand wall is now clear, this will change :)

Now onto my last new toy/development, in a fit of stupidity i decided i needed to build a foundry, I dont know why, I couldnt find the original pictures of the assembly of it “the great photo loss of 2013″ nor can i find the nice ones of it done, but you can see it in these pictures, its in the bright blue 60 litre valvoline drum, this will soon be painted up like a Redbull can (because its me, its just how it has to be)as part of my self appointed welding practice i decided to make this 150kg+ Goliath a rolling device so i can put it away when im not using it, a rolling trolley was made specially for it, i did remember to take some pictures of this though, here it is being paintedafter folding up a cover plate for the trolley i had jasmine run over it with some scourer pad to give it that sweet brushed lookand here they both are awaiting several people to help me lift it onto the trolley then firing it up to make some castings and melt some things :D Thats it for this installment of “whats going on in the workshop” stay tuned for more stuff, including sneak peaks of the new Mill in coming blog updates

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