My Cube

So remember those earlier posts where i said i wouldnt be doing more to it? hahha yea that lasted about 2 months, so a couple of the tyres were a bit on the bald side, so figured id get some new ones, heres the old ones Continue reading

Blog Posts (Or Lack Thereof)

Hai Gais, wondering why there haven’t been any blog posts? coz i haven’t done any, suck it up :P no but seriously, I’ve been too busy to type any out for months, but I’ve been taking pictures where i can, so I’m dedicating my Saturday arvos and evenings to getting them (blog posts) out

Why No Updates?

I’m Sorry guys I’ve been pretty flat out working on cars and GS activities, At Garage Stalk3r things have taken off and I’m very rarely inside at night to do the blog entries, the good news is I’ve decided to set aside one night a week to do them more Regularly, and now that I’ve officially left SchoolGirls Downunder due to my disagreement with upper management devolving the club into less about the people and more about who can puff smoke up the appropriate ass (Full details are viewable within the GS forums), I’m now spending more time working in the garage and in the official Garage Stalk3r forums (you can see a link to them at the top of the page) feel free to join if you want, memberships are authorised but 99.9% are and will be accepted :) I for one would like to personally welcome you all aboard, enjoy your stay, remember its about the people, and its not car brand/make/model specific, if you like it, so will we :)

The good news is that whilst I may have been slack in putting updates up, I haven’t been in taking pictures and writing notes, so there’s a few updates about to go up for your reading pleasure