RC Charger Power Supplies

In an effort to clear off my bench for new toys (pics and posts later) I decided I finally had to do the power supplies I’d been putting off for ages. Ever since the guys and myself got into (or back into) RC cars I’ve been asked to make a few, including the requirement for a new one for me, so here some pics of 2 I’ve done, 1 for Jimmy just for the RC Charger and one for in-house use with a lot of different voltage and output connector options. Continue reading

Cube Lyfe

so the daily driver (those keen readers will remember me mentioning this new acquisition earlier) is ticking along nicely, but time came for a big service (basically as soon as id gotten it home) while replacing all the fluids i decided to do some silly cosmetic stuff and fix up the tired air intake system as it seemed a little lacking Continue reading

My New Car

It was decided just before christmas after some very careful consideration that due to the high mileage i’m doing day to day and ever increasing fuel costs it was time to retire the Gloria from its daily driving duties, sad times etc. So with that commitment made the search for a cheaper to run daily car came about, Continue reading

Garage Stalk3r Now Making Stuff

Been a while since an update, apologies, ive had a fair bit going on, ive got a couple of big updates and this little one so youll be able to see most of what ive been up to over the last couple of months.

A wee while ago now the garage got a couple of new bits of kit, ever since whenever i have a spare moment Ive been making stuff for people, my first batch of mass produced gear rolled out not too long ago, the first parts we’re steering column spacers to remove the sloppy rubber items in R32 skylines and S13 Silvia’s (they will fit other Nissan’s of the same generation that use the same rubber bush also) they’re made from solid billet aluminium machined down to exact sizes then they’re anodized for a nice clean finish

Continue reading