James’ RC Shells – The Follow up

Some of you may remember an earlier post about an RC shell i was painting for James in the style of a police car, More progress has been made on this now along with an additional shell to make

I Managed to track down a police style light bar for the car, quite pleased with how it came out, there are buttons installed on the underside of the shell that allow for different LED display modes Continue reading

James Left Us

So this post is a bit old now, but it’s still going to go up as i feel its a pretty big deal, Late in march James (Zangetsu) left us to move to Aussie, James was an incredibly big part of GS becoming what it is and what we’ve become, he was the driving force behind us being more than just a collection of dicks, and when the time for his leaving approached sadness filled us all, we had ourselves a get together to give him a nice send off, Jen made a cake and in true fashion of hilarious cakes, and of course with james’ obsession with nyan cat, what else would be more fitting than a nyan cat cake? Continue reading

James’ DR30 Skyline RC Shell

James acquired a DR30 shell and asked me to paint it for him, I was given free license as long as it was in some way blue, I Had a few ideas in mind but settled on a 2 tone scheme similar to factory but with blue and gunmetal grey in place of red and black, the grey is custom mixed and the blue is an out of the bottle Blue Pearl, I had no idea other than the concept how this was going to turn out but I’d been given free license so as long as it had blue it’d be fine, right? What transpired is one of my personal favourite ever RC shell results, it is absolutely stunning and in all honesty i didnt want to give it back,

Continue reading