Bryan Starts playing with Carbon Fibre

Ok so this one isn’t Garage Stalk3r work as such, but I feel it deserves to be here, Bryan’s decided to start playing with a bit of carbon fibre, as his first task he decided to replace the pizza oven vent he had in his Skyline, in a true display of Garage Stalk3r loyalty, the symbol of all things GS has been immortalised in Carbon Fibre, Behold in all of its glory Continue reading

Bryans Motorbike

been a long time since I’ve picked up a tool near a motorbike, so fun was bound to occur, sure enough when bryan rocked around on his Aprilia fun was definitely had by all, once id gotten over the fact the things apparently a 50cc we got down to business, new sprockets, chain, fluids, clutch springs, it was magical, Continue reading