Shamars R34 Skyline

After a break in in shamar house his car was brought to me to have all the locks changed and a new alarm fitted, nothing overly exciting to report here, the alarm that was in it whilst a shit alarm was installed relatively well so removing it was a pain in the ass, but all in all i didnt hate life after this job. heres some pictures :) Continue reading

Andy’s Toyota Corolla RunX

A Little while ago now one of our members contacted me about his brother buying a new car and whether i could do a service on it, gladly i obliged, when it arrived i set to work doing a full service on it, along with brake pads and a fluid flush Up into the air it goes, wheels off and ready for workOnce the wheels came off it became apparent the previous owner was allergic to spending money on maintenance, the brake pads were long due for replacement and the fluid was blackAfter a nice big flush, new plugs, filters and the service list done the car went on its way, unfortunately judging by the noises it was making I feel it will be back

James and His RC Cars

Even though one of our founding members James moved to Aussie he still gets me to do all of his RC car work, so recently in line with his new car over there he asked me to procure a new RC car with a Toyota GT86 shell, Tamiya had just released this new model so it was quickly acquired Continue reading

New GS Members R32 GTR

One of our newer club members flicked me a message asking me to take a look at his GTR as he had leaky injector seals, so i told him to rock on over, what i saw when he arrived was hands down one of the cleanest R32 GTR’s ive ever seen. someone has spent a lot of time and money keeping this thing immaculate and before it arrived in NZ some work had been done, after fixing the injector seals admiration was had over how immaculate it was, that and it has the lowest chassis number I’ve ever seen personally. I Definitely hope to be spending more time with this car in the future

My New Car

It was decided just before christmas after some very careful consideration that due to the high mileage i’m doing day to day and ever increasing fuel costs it was time to retire the Gloria from its daily driving duties, sad times etc. So with that commitment made the search for a cheaper to run daily car came about, Continue reading

Highstop Lamp v2

So after Damien’s high stop lamp i had a request from another member for a new one, so i set about redesigning on version 1 to make it a bit better, this time it worked brilliantly, unfortunately i forgot to take a picture of it installed, but ill do this when i see the customers car next, for now have some pictures