Rene’s R33 GTS25-T

A fair while ago now Rene approached me about doing some work on his R33, it started out being a simple (but big) manual conversion task, over time (taken due to his work commitments and my workshop general busyness) the list grew to spectacular levels, I’ve not yet had a job take up 3 whiteboards worth of tasks, so eventually when i got my hands on the car the job had become massive, Continue reading

Garage Stalk3r Now Making Stuff

Been a while since an update, apologies, ive had a fair bit going on, ive got a couple of big updates and this little one so youll be able to see most of what ive been up to over the last couple of months.

A wee while ago now the garage got a couple of new bits of kit, ever since whenever i have a spare moment Ive been making stuff for people, my first batch of mass produced gear rolled out not too long ago, the first parts we’re steering column spacers to remove the sloppy rubber items in R32 skylines and S13 Silvia’s (they will fit other Nissan’s of the same generation that use the same rubber bush also) they’re made from solid billet aluminium machined down to exact sizes then they’re anodized for a nice clean finish

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