Shamars Sick Whip

Shamar (Shamalamallamalmal) brought me his car for a couple of things, to install some new speakers, new headunit, remove the old non-functioning alarm and reinstall a new one (which I’m being asked to do more and more these days), so of course I got to work and did it, I bloody well hate alarms, not because they’re complicated, but because I’m too bloody fussy (which is part of the reason I’m being asked to do more and more of them I guess) and wont do the usual quick install, anyway, on with the photos Continue reading

Bryan Starts playing with Carbon Fibre

Ok so this one isn’t Garage Stalk3r work as such, but I feel it deserves to be here, Bryan’s decided to start playing with a bit of carbon fibre, as his first task he decided to replace the pizza oven vent he had in his Skyline, in a true display of Garage Stalk3r loyalty, the symbol of all things GS has been immortalised in Carbon Fibre, Behold in all of its glory Continue reading

James Left Us

So this post is a bit old now, but it’s still going to go up as i feel its a pretty big deal, Late in march James (Zangetsu) left us to move to Aussie, James was an incredibly big part of GS becoming what it is and what we’ve become, he was the driving force behind us being more than just a collection of dicks, and when the time for his leaving approached sadness filled us all, we had ourselves a get together to give him a nice send off, Jen made a cake and in true fashion of hilarious cakes, and of course with james’ obsession with nyan cat, what else would be more fitting than a nyan cat cake? Continue reading

Why No Updates?

I’m Sorry guys I’ve been pretty flat out working on cars and GS activities, At Garage Stalk3r things have taken off and I’m very rarely inside at night to do the blog entries, the good news is I’ve decided to set aside one night a week to do them more Regularly, and now that I’ve officially left SchoolGirls Downunder due to my disagreement with upper management devolving the club into less about the people and more about who can puff smoke up the appropriate ass (Full details are viewable within the GS forums), I’m now spending more time working in the garage and in the official Garage Stalk3r forums (you can see a link to them at the top of the page) feel free to join if you want, memberships are authorised but 99.9% are and will be accepted :) I for one would like to personally welcome you all aboard, enjoy your stay, remember its about the people, and its not car brand/make/model specific, if you like it, so will we :)

The good news is that whilst I may have been slack in putting updates up, I haven’t been in taking pictures and writing notes, so there’s a few updates about to go up for your reading pleasure